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Flowers In Her Hair | Toronto Boudoir Photography

Here’s an image from a creative I shot with Kate. We wanted to do a sensual boudoir inspired portrait with a headpiece that Kate had designed. I love doing creatives to keep new ideas for your boudoir session flowing. Makeup & Hair: Hairspray & Gloss Model: Kate Snig     

Sexy In The Elevator | Toronto Boudoir Photographer

In my studio there are a few old freight elevators and if you want a look that is a bit more interesting we can shoot in them. They provide a great backdrop for your customized boudoir shoot.     

Aqua | Toronto Boudoir Photography

Tatiana came in for a shoot and she is an absolutely wonderful girl. She came in all the way from Ukraine and is a friend of my makeup artist. We had such a great shoot! Credits: Makeup & Hair: Julia - website Model: Tatiana     

Vintage Couch | Toronto Boudoir Photography

Here’s a quick peek at a shoot I did with a client. Love the vintage look we had going that worked well with my couch. Super sexy and fun all in one shoot!     

Tattoos & Boudoir | Toronto Boudoir Photographer

You know, I like it when everything comes together in a way that makes hard work all worthwhile. Rhi came in to help me teach a boudoir workshop and model but afterwards she hung around for a quick series on my vintage couch. I love the drama in the shots  and how Rhi absolutely killed
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Giggles | Toronto Boudoir Photographer

OK lets face it when you come in for your own personalized and private boudoir shoot its a bit surreal. I mean come on, how often do you prance around in your undies with a camera pointed at you? How often do you get professional hair and makeup services making you feel like a goddess?
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Flirt | Toronto Boudoir Photography

I entitled this series flirt because flirtatious behaviour is a HUGE part of your own personal and private boudoir shoot and is strongly encouraged. Think about it. You’re probably doing a shoot like this for a boyfriend, fiancé, husband or lover and if you want to entice a guy flirting is a big part of
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My New Couch | Toronto Boudoir Photography

I love vintage furniture, especially for my boudoir shoots. I recently picked up a great couch and here is the first shoot on it. If you like what you see how about you schedule a shoot with me and you can have your picture taken on this couch!   

Why Do A Boudoir Shoot? | Toronto Boudoir Photography

It’s important to remember yourself and who you really are. One of the best ways to do this is with a boudoir shoot. There is a sexy side to you that you may not be revealing and a shoot of this type will help you re-explore and connect with it in ways that you may have not thought possible.
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Sensuality | Toronto Boudoir Photographer

When I shot this series with Lise we had planned it for a while and she was a bit self conscious about her bust line being a bit smaller and you know what? – it didn’t matter. I think we worked hard and succeeded in finding poses that flattered Lise’s figure. Remember when shooting your
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Room 1303 | Toronto Boudoir Photography

Here’s a great session from a hotel room in Montreal. I normally shoot at my studio in Toronto but sometimes its fun to shoot in new locations with new props. Have a look and let me know what you think!
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Emily – Before & After | Toronto Boudoir Photography

When you come in for your personalized boudoir photo shoot my professional makeup and hair team will make you look fabulous! Hair and makeup is a critical element of a successful boudie shoot and when it’s done right, wow will you ever look great! Lets talk about your boudie shoot and how I can make
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Desire | Toronto Boudoir Photography

Have you ever wanted to be looked at with desire by your special someone? Do you want to make your curves drop jaws? Sure you do… Have a look at this latest set and see how curves in the right wardrobe can be stunning! Lets talk about  booking a session and showing your curves off!
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The Girl Next Door | Toronto Boudoir Photography

Time for some more boudie! Here’s another series with Carla D. When you come in for your own personalized boudoir session we can make you naughty or innocent… It’s really up to you.
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Hot Sweater | Toronto Boudoir Photography

This is a small selection from a series I shot for Carla who wanted to submit these images to Maxim Magazine. There is no doubt in my mind that Carla has a really good chance of getting into Maxim. Carla was such a pleasure to work with and is so natural in front of the camera
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Beauty In The Darkness | Toronto Boudoir Photographer

Credits: Model: Kaitlin Chapple | MM# 1047758 Makeup: Crista A | MM# 736145 Wardrobe: Kinky Miss Lingerie

Amazing Transformation | Toronto Boudoir Photography

Here is another boudoir transformation. Many thanks to my lingerie partner Kinky Miss Lingerie for providing the wardrobe. Truly the best place to shop for the look you’ll need to reveal your inner vixen!
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Makeup | Toronto Boudoir Photographer

I love it when people come out of their shells and see themselves as sexy. It’s a transformation that changes them forever. Here’s a great example of how makeup, hair and wardrobe make that happen. How about we get you out of your shell and reveal your inner vixen!

Elegance | Toronto Boudoir Photography

This is one my favourite series that I’ve ever shot. Noahh is quite simply – amazing. It’s so important to get the expression right in a boudoir series. If you’re planning on your own boudoir shoot pay close attention to Noahh’s facial expressions. This is something that we will work on in your shoot to get the right balance between sensual and seductive.
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Maria | Toronto Boudoir Photography

I thought I’d share with all of you a beautiful woman I recently worked with named Maria. What fun we had at the shoot. The problem was when the shoot was wrapping up. You see that corset she’s wearing from Kinky Miss Lingerie was so awesome and looked so good on her she didn’t want to give it back. I don’t blame her cause the stuff at Kinky Miss is A-Mazing!

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Transformation | Toronto Boudoir Photography

It’s time for another boudoir before and after post! Here’s a great example of how my makeup artists can work their magic on you. If you want them to make you look this good in a shoot, why not give me a call and book a session?
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Suductress | Toronto Boudoir Photography

Emily came in for a shoot and we had come up with a concept that was going to fairly dark. We needed the right corset and of course I looked nowhere else but Kinky Miss Lingerie to fill that need. They have best corsets in the city. Then the challenge went to the incredibly talented Crista to do hair and makeup. Oh my god, did she ever transform Emily into a jaw dropping seductress. 
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Transformation | Toronto Boudoir Photography

Have you been thinking about what it would be like to do your own boudoir shoot? Have you wondered if you would be able to live up to the expectations you’d put on yourself to look great? Well I think its understandable to ask those questions. I think everyone I’ve ever worked with has had some fear of getting in front of the camera and not looking great.
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Those Eyes | Toronto Boudoir Photography

What happens when you mix French and Japanese decent? You get Camille. A knockout in every sense of the word. Looking at these images you can probably figure out why I called this series, “Those Eyes” because Camille can hypnotize you with just a glance. I’m glad I showed her how to master this glance.
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Viewer Discretion Advised | Toronto Boudoir Photography

You know sometimes my clients want to be discreet with their images whether it be for personal use or to give to a that special someone. This series was intentionally shot in a way to be mysterious and seductive and although revealing, I think is very sexy.
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Boudie Albums | Toronto Boudoir Photography

What have you given your special someone for their birthday or anniversary over the past few years? I’ll bet you haven’t given them something like one of my boudie albums. If you want to the best surprise you can give while making yourself feel great lets set up a shoot and you can order a
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Stares On The Stairs | Toronto Boudoir Photography

I absolutely love this series taken on the back stairs at my studio. Mary and I wanted to go with a very soft pensive expression in this series that makes you wonder what she is thinking. Demure was the adjective that gave us our inspiration. So there were many soft stares and glances. Overall this
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Let Me Tell you Why I Love Pinterest

You know, a while ago I heard about this site called Pinterest and I started to pin images, lots of images. If you’re not familiar with Pinterest its kind of like a virtual bulletin board for photos. As you find them you pin them and put them into categories. So why am I telling you this?
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Vintage Boudoir | Toronto Boudoir Photography

Before the pushup bra, before the wonder bra, before thongs and tiny tiny panties there was the lingerie of the 20′s & 30′s. It was corsets, and silky camisoles and they all looked so great. Here is one of many photo series dedicated to that now long gone look.We’re going to raid grandma’s closet and make this style sexy again. 
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Fun In The Elevator | Toronto Boudoir Photography

Don’t get me wrong, I love my studio and I love shooting in it but sometimes you have to step out of the box or maybe into one… So I went and found a box. A really big box in the form of a freight elevator down the hall from from my studio to be
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